School Environment


The physical environment of school buildings and school grounds is a key factor in the overall health and safety of students, staff, and visitors. School buildings and grounds must be designed and maintained to be free of health and safety hazards and to promote learning. Studies have shown that student achievement can be affected positively by the school environment. A well-structured school physical environment helps to promote learning and encourage positive social interactions among students and staff. Used effectively, school facilities, equipment and activities can encourage cooperative behaviors and positively influence student interactions,

The key objective is to create physical school infrastructure in a manner that enhances the attractiveness of the school to the child, encourages them to attend regularly and also enhances her learning levels hence strives to build schools that are safe, comfortable, attractive, child-friendly and accessible to all children including CWSN.


Classroom Environment


A large amount of a child’s time is spent sitting in a school classroom. This place is where they will learn the various skills deemed necessary and proper for them to achieve success in the global society. The classroom is where they will gain an understanding of their place in the world and the gifts that they have to offer it. It is where the student develops what they want their future to look like, as well as knowledge of the skills needed to reach that goal. With the classroom being such an important place in the growth of a child it is important to understand the ways in which to affect this environment in order to receive maximum effectiveness in instruction. If schools really do play a large role in teaching the next generation how to be successful members of society then every precaution should be taken to make sure that the learning environment is one that helps students thrive
Our support programs includes setting up Science labs, E-learning projects, computer labs helps us to develop academic skills among School children.

Health Intervention


CWF organize general, dental & eye camps in order to improve the general wellbeing of the students.

Poor sanitation, water, and hygiene have many other serious repercussions. Children – and particularly girls – are denied their right to education because their schools lack private and decent sanitation facilities. CWF believes Without WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), sustainable School enhancement program is impossible.

Water: CWF make sure every school has water purifiers and children are accessible to pure drinking water and every school has a clean separate toilet for boys & girls and maintained by CWF.


Academic Support Program


Education kits: Careworks Foundation is helping economically backward students who have potential, but lack financial support, by giving them new opportunities for education.
School kit distribution is a onetime activity kit consists of school bag, notebook and stationeries this is provided to children at the beginning of the academic year, to ensure that children attend the school with dignity. This also reflects on the increase in school attendance.
CWF was able to reach 6000 children from 1st to 10th STD across India in F.Y 2017-18.
Art & Craft Class: CWF uses the medium of Art and craft to teach children to make creative Craft and Art things at Government schools.

Stakeholder Engagement

School Mapping is one of the essential planning tools which helps to develop a comprehensive and holistic school development plan along with all stakeholders. We use School mapping as a tool to understand the school needs as well as to make all the stakeholders aware of the school situation.

Teachers Learning Program (TLP)

TLP Focus on improving classroom practice through the usage of technology, interactive & teaching learning material. Our customized teacher training programs focus on improving leadership qualities, computer education, and English speaking course.